Monday, November 23, 2015

How to "Grab Bag"

 Hello Team 201, by the time you are reading this it will almost be time to play the Grab Bag game!  But first, did anyone get the answer to yesterday's question? Why was Mr. T melancholy?  What makes you melancholy?

I hope that thinking about being melancholy isn't making you so. Cheer up!  Here are the Grab Bag rules:

  1. Teammate 1 picks the question
  2. Teammate 2 reads the question and refers to the Question Guide for help---Everybody: get your books out. Think and search!
  3. Teammate 3 answers the question. 
  4. Teammate 4 compliments and coaches. Then, teammate 4 asks for group input.
  5. Everybody records their own response on the colored strip. Put the strip in the Reading Notebook pocket.
  6. Move the team mat clockwise one space. Repeat!

How should you label the answers? 
In the top right corner add the chapter and the question number.
For example, 3.2 means chapter 3, question 2.

Answer each "starred question," and don't forget to cite the text evidence!  Need some help? Use these sentence starters:
  • This shows that...
  • I think that....
  • This proves that....
  • I think this means....
Here is your "I can and I will" statement:
Can you cite evidence from the text to support your ideas? Can you make inferences based on evidence? Can you make judgements about characters based on their actions? YES YOU CAN!

Get into the book, and think outside of the wardrobe!

Melancholy Monday

I don't think that today's title really fits, but I like it!   What does melancholy mean? Why is Mr. Tumnus so very melancholy? Please be ready to answer this question tomorrow.

Parents, it was a busy day!  Never fear, I have the Gold Cards and will be checking them after school.

This evening at home...

  • complete the homework and practice for lesson 4.3
  • complete the Turkish Delight and the Good and Evil pages. 
  • finish that Southeast Scrapbook!
  • please make sure to bring TLTWATW to school tomorrow. We need it for the game!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Think Green Thursday

This evening at home....

  • Complete the Vocabulary Floats: pick the 4 words that are the most difficult. Use this week's Journeys story.  Each float should contain: the word, a mini definition, and a sentence. You may use each part of the float!
  • Reread Dear Mr. Winston. We will take a Vocabulary and Comprehension test tomorrow.
  • Complete the Homework and Practice for lesson 4.1

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Time to Reflect Tuesday

That's what your kids are doing right now.  We are reflecting on our behavior and work habits so that are we are prepared to have a productive conference tomorrow.I can't wait to see you all!

This evening at home...

  • Complete the Science Packet that you began last night. Make sure to do all of the reading and activities? There might be a pop quiz on Thursday.
  • Finish the Southeast questions.   The reading packet was handed out last week. It is also posted on Edmodo, as are the questions.  If you have already done some of these questions, you don't have to do them again. We will just staple the two sheets together. 
  • Complete the Turkey Multiples page. You will write the first 10 multiples of each number. Write one multiple in each feather. Then, write the set of multiples on the line below the turkey. The last turkey is blank. Use a number of your choice.   Color, please.

On Thursday, we will begin Chapter 4. I hope that you know your multiplication facts!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Manipulator Monday

Today's story is narrated by a young girl with LOTS of excuses!  Dear Mr. Winston's Clara is neither genuine nor sincere!

This evening at home....

  • Read pp. 103-107 in Science Fusion packet
  • Complete a Fact Finder page based on the information
  • Study for the Math test!
  • Ask your child about the Conference Sheet. If you haven't signed up online, your child is coming home with a sheet today.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Sign Up: Parent Teacher Conferences

Hello 201 Families,

Ruby suggested that I post the link for Parent Teacher Conferences again. Good idea, Ruby. Thanks for the suggestion.  Please click on the link to sign up for a conference! If you have a conflict next Wednesday and can't make it, please let me know. We can schedule a conference on a different day or can arrange a phone conference.

Sign Up Here

Theater Thursday

Thank you, Ian J., for providing today's title. It is perfect!

This long weekend at home....
  • Read The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe through page 34
  • Complete the Esperanza Rising Play Review.
  • Finish the Chapter 3 Review. Show your work!
  • If you are not finished, please complete the Southeast Research.
  • Order, Please. This page is due on Monday.
  • Do ST Math. Please! I want victory!
  • Remind your parents to sign up for a Report Card Conference! The link is available on this blog. Scroll down to see the post and link.

201 goes to the Book Fair on Monday!
Parent Teacher Conferences are on Wednesday. Please sign up!
I will stamp Gold Cards and collect all work on Monday. Thanks for your patience.

Click on the links for an  audio version of Esperanza Rising.