Monday, September 22, 2014

Map Marking Monday

Today we took a Map quiz!  I will have the results for you soon!

This evening at home....

  • Use My Librarian Is A Camel  in Journeys to complete 2 sections of the Reading Response Sheet: Cause and Effect and Compare and Contrast. Compare and Contrast two of the "libraries."  Use details from the text!
  • Study Guides are going home today.  Prepare for Friday's tests!
  • Math: complete pages 1.8 pp. 53-54. You must draw block models and equations.
  • Read and record on your log.

We will take the Chapter 1 Math test on Wednesday.  Tomorrow is review day!

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Fantastic Freedom Friday

Emeka provides today's title!

This weekend at home......

  • finish the final draft of your descriptive writing paragraph.  We will staple the picture to the front.
  • study for the Social Studies test on Monday. Use the map  and the labels to help you study.
  • read and record.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Thirsty Thursday

Thanks Huukha, for today's title.  The subject refers to the misplacement of my water cup.  I am parched.  Noah is ready with next Thursday's title.  Stay tuned for that!

Today we....

  • reviewed/studied for Monday's quiz on Oceans, Continents, etc.  Students should use the maps and labels to study.  On Monday ,they will receive a blank map and the labels.  Look on Edmodo for great online links to help you prepare.
  • practiced writing descriptively.  Students created detailed drawings. They then added written details and adjectives to match.  Tomorrow, we draft!
  • met in small groups to discuss this week's story, My Brother Martin.
  • went to Video Productions with Mr. Bennet.
  • met in small groups to go over last night's math homework. We learned about properties of addition and checked our estimates. They were pretty reasonable!
  • worked on individual Esparks goals in both reading and math
  • ended the day with Kodable

Tonight at home....
  • use Journeys to complete the My Brother Martin review questions.
  • complete math homework  pp. 41 and 42
  • make sure that you are ready for our weekly language test tomorrow: spelling, reading, vocabulary

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wisdom Wednesday

Isa brings us today's title. Thanks, kids, for all of your alliterations. Huukah handed me a list of 33! Maybe we should call today: Way With Words Wednesday?  Impressive efforts, 201!

Today we......

  • failed miserably in the Science Lab.  Well, most of us did. Ask your kids about the experience.
  • created I AM poems. These kids have some powerful ideas. They will be on display at Open House this evening.
  • worked on renaming large numbers. How many 100s are in 4200?
  • went to library

This evening at home....
  • read for pleasure for 25 minutes or more.
  • write a paragraph about what you read: What was the most exciting or interesting part? Why?
  • complete math pages 35 and 36
  • please sign and return the Math Quiz, last week's Reading test, and the Spelling test. 
 I hope to see you all at Open House this evening from 6-7. We will have a short meeting with the entire pod, Then, we will enter 201. I will be able to answer questions about homework, classwork, and am looking forward to meeting you all!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Teamwork Tuesday

Thanks, Martha, for providing us with today's title. Students, I challenge you to think of more alliterations that we can use for our daily blog titles.  You can message me on Edmodo.  Wacky Wednesday? Time Change Tuesday?  Help!

This evening at home....
  • complete math pages 29 and 30
  • in Journeys, read Langston Hughes: A Poet and a Dreamer 
  • on page 69, find the Text To Text question.  Answer the question in writing. Make sure to use examples from both texts.  We will discuss your ideas in class. Venn Diagrams may be used to organize your thoughts, but you answer should be in paragraph form.

Monday, September 15, 2014

My Brother Martin Monday

Today's title includes the name of the story that we read in Journeys today. We also had a visit from the designers and Eparks. They were impressed by the students' progress, and were eager to get feedback from them.  Thanks for doing such a great job on the Gold Cards, parents.  Don't forget to sign the reading log and the homework space on the calendar each night.

This evening at home....

  • complete the Go Math homework found on pages 27 and 28.
  • finish, or begin, the My Brother Martin Readers Notebook pages.
  • use the Journeys glossary to complete the vocabulary definitions on the study guide.  
  • read for 20 minutes or more and record on your log.  Continue with Wonder.

  • 201 takes the Math MAPS test tomorrow. 
  • We will visit the Science Lab on Wednesday. Mr. Russel will give a presentation on the new 3D Lab, and we'll learn all about how Code fits in to the 3D printing puzzle.
  • Open House is this Wednesday from 6-7.  I hope that you will come visit the classroom.
  • Our first day in the CAC is next Monday.  Come one, come all to help us prepare for the Cracking the Code show.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Weather Alert: Inside and Out

Good evening 201 Families,

It is getting chilly out there!   Our recess is on the rooftop, so be prepared for the cool breeze.  201 kids also need to prepare for the temperature inside the pod. Students are not permitted to wear outerwear while inside, so make sure to pack an extra layer.