Friday, March 27, 2015

Feeling Good Friday

We will have a Math test on Monday!  All kids are coming home with a corrected Review Test.

Was your child absent today? Please make sure that you come to school with .....

  • Three paragraphs about Cesar Chavez: non violence/life/quote
  • a completed Mind Map
  • their IL Dwellings activity
  • a brain that is prepared to take the Science Quest.  

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Twin Day Thursday

Thanks for twinning with me, Team 201!   There were lots of doubles today!

This evening at home....

  • study this week's vocabulary words
  • reread Cesar Chavez
  • complete lesson 8.5 in Go Math
  • complete the other two CC paragraphs.  When you come in, you should have three paragraphs drafted.  Biography/ Quote/Non Violence.  We will revise and publish tomorrow. Most kids are finished with 2/3.
  • study for tomorrow's Weather Quest.  We created study guides today.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Wigwam Wednesday

Today we.....

  • were dressed up!
  • created wigwams in the Science Lab. Thanks, Isa, for donating the paper bowls.
  • worked on multiplying whole numbers and mixed numbers.  
  • read Holes and discussed
  • began research for our Cesar Chavez project
  • went to Library
  • talked about weather fronts

This evening at home....
  • use your notes to write ONE paragraph about C.Chavez.  Remember, the three topics are: the quote, the life, and non-violence.  Select one and write a rough draft paragraph this evening. Use your notes.
  • complete the class and homework for Math 8.4. We will do corrections for last night's and tonight's homework on Thursday
  • don't forget that you have a Science Quest on Friday.  
  • don't forget that tomorrow is Twin Day.  Anyone who wants to be  my twin can wear blue jeans and a back shirt.  

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Tech Trouble Tuesday

This evening at home....

  • read, or reread chapters 31 and 32 in Holes
  • complete the questions based on these chapters.  Answer in complete sentences and include direct evidence.  You may use an extra sheet of paper.
  • complete the homework in Go Math for lesson 8.3. 
  • finish the Science Fusion up through page 275. Most kids are finished.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Multiples of Fractions Monday

Hello Team 201 Families,

I realize that the blog's background no longer reflects the weather conditions in beautiful Chicago.  It may look like December 25 out there, but I am sticking with the Spring Theme.  I am not surprised by the snowy weather, but to me,  March in Chicago means a green river.

Today we....

  • read a story about Cesar Chavez in Journeys
  • finished up our IL Mind Maps
  • Esparked
  • solved problems by multiplying base units by whole numbers
  • talked about the weather and weather patterns

This evening at home....
  • complete the "Analyze Text" questions in Journeys
  • finish your Mind Map
  • complete the Go Math homework for lesson 8.2
  • in the Readers Notebook, complete page 232
Wish list....
  • clear packaging tape
  • pencils: please check to see that your child is well-supplied with pencils and a covered sharpener.  We have gone through all of the pencils that were donated at the year's start. :-)
  • small paper bowls.  We are going to use them to make wigwams.  There are 30 kids in our class.
  • tomorrow is " College/High School" Day. Show your spirit!
  • we will take a Science Quiz on Friday. I sent home a study guide today.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Finishing Up Friday

Happy Friday Team 201!   It was a busy day.   This weekend at home...

  • finish up our Greek Mythology Cards.  Students should have nine cards completed by Monday.     You can find examples on Edmodo
  • finish the lesson and homework in Go Math Chapter 8.1 459-560
  • if you are not finished with Holes, make sure that you read several chapters this weekend.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Thoughtful Thursday

 Today's post begins with a message about being thoughtful.  Sometimes, it is not easy to get along with everyone all of the time.   I will remind kids that we need to respect personal space, that manners and courtesy are true soothers, and that unkind words and looks can leave marks that last a lifetime.  Each one of us deserves to be treated with care.  I think that Team 201 understands this.  Sometimes we need a gentle reminder.

If it were Wednesday, we'd call it Wise Words Wednesday.    Today we talked about proverbs and adages. There are lots of links on Edmodo to help you understand these old time sayings.
Look before you leap...
A bird in teh hand is worth two in the bush...
Don't bite off more than you can chew...
Cross that bridge when you come to it...
A stitch in time saves nine...

This evening at home.....

  • complete one more Mythology Card
  • complete the Vocabulary Graphic.  We had time to get a head start in class.  Pick any 8 of this week's words
  • reread Hercules to prepare for tomorrow's test.
  • in the Chapter 8 Go Math book, cut out the vocabulary cards and bring them to school
  • in the Go Math book, complete pp 453 and 454

Spend some time with these videos. During the test, you will be glad that you did.  Don't cry about prepositions.  I hope you learn something from these clips!