Friday, October 20, 2017

Friday Facts

Hey Team 201! We are about to log on to  Use this link and the password that I gave you to do so...

Click here to go to the Fabled Fourth Graders home page.

Other news......

  • There are many kids absent today! There was one confirmed case of strep throat in the room. 
  • Kids who are not here today can take the Power of W.O.W. test on Think Central. Be warned, I looking for complete sentences for the short answer. I am also looking for text evidence. Take the time to edit your work.
  • Parents, please log on to Think Central to review your child's assessments. In class, we will target areas for growth. Is it vocabulary, comprehension, or grammar?
  • Mid Chapter Math Checkpoints are going home today. I had a chance to meet with most kids to clear up issues. We will take the Chapter 2 Math Test next week.

We will be redesigning our bridges in the Science Lab next week and need some donations. We need:
  • masking tape
  • lots of NON BENDY straws
  • Our lab day is Wednesday.

This weekend...
  • read the tall tale in Journeys, Stormalong. I love this story!
  • complete the hw and practice for Go Math lesson 2.10. Sorry about the weekend homework, parents. We are a bit behind schedule!

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Thursday Thoughts

This evening at home....

  • complete the homework and practice for lesson 2.9. Show work for credit. You may need a separate sheet of paper.
  • complete problem 4 in Go Math, found on page 115.
  • in the Readers Notebook, complete pages 43-46.
  • read, and log it!

We have a reading and a spelling test tomorrow!

Parents, please see the note about Halloween that is going home today.

A note about Go Math: You will see that each day, certain problems are circled. These are the problems that we do for classwork. 

Root Work: Mis-, Non-, Cent, and Spec-

Click on the links to complete the root concept wheel.

  • write the roots and their meanings in the center
  • choose two word for each root.
  • write one word in each section.
  • show what the word means. You should include a mini-definition, and an icon/picture with a caption.





Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Weight Distribution Wednesday

Today we spent some time in the lab testing out our bridge designs.  There was lots of trial and error, and kids used their research to support their design options.  There was a lot of talk about distributing weight!

Today we also.....

  • talked about run-on sentences.
  • read.
  • worked with partners to find the theme of short reading passages.
  • worked on using "mental math" strategies and properties of multiplication to solve problems
  • finished our theme entries in our Readers Notebooks.
  • went to library.
Don't forget that tomorrow is Picture Day!
This evening at home...
  • In the packet, read Cartoons For Grown Ups. Answer the questions on the back.
  • In the packet, complete the Venn Diagram and short response for Cartoons for Grown Ups. I am sorry that these pages are not in order!
  • Complete the HW and Practice for Lesson 2.8
Mental Math Strategies:

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Text Structure Tuesday

This evening at home...

  • make a plan/diagram of your "bridge." Your materials are: straws and masking tape.  You may cut the straws. Remember, your bridge will be set up between two chairs and must be free standing. You may not tape it to the chair.
  • complete the activities found on the back of the Text Structure " The Night the Martians Landed." You do not need to do the other pages. 
  • complete the math handout, both sides. Today we took the mid chapter checkpoint. We also introduced "cross- multiplication." This is what I call "regular" multiplication! Parents, it should look more familiar!

Monday, October 16, 2017

Monday Musings

Hello Team201 Families,

Today we....

  • watched a Brainpop about Bridges. We took some notes, and the kids had a chance to watch the video again and use their notes to take the quiz.
  • worked on our Genre graphics
  • read The Power of W.O.W.. We discussed the genre, talked about theme, and looked for evidence in the text.
  • used partial products to multiply large numbers. Tonight, use the examples from the book/classwork to help you.
  • went to Gym.
  • worked on our Social Emotional learning goals. We talked about empathy  and respect.
This evening at home...
  • read and log it!
  • complete the homework for lesson 2.7. Use the partial products method and don't forget to estimate!
  • complete the Vocabulary activity for The Power of W.O.W..
  • complete pages 37 and 38 in the Readers Notebook. Use the text!

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Bridges Basics

Click on the links to get a head start on our Bridges unit. Remember that Scientists do research. So, click away, and learn something new. You will soon be ready to begin planning your own bridge design.  You are doing what scientist do! So that makes you a....

Bridge Basics

What Makes Bridges So Strong? You Tube video