Thursday, September 22, 2016

Time Crunch Thursday

Greetings Team 201 Families,

Today we took the Math MAPS test. This occupied a big chunk of our time today, as did our Bus Evacuation drill. We were able to review the math questions and we did complete our first Science Experiment: Heads or Tails.

This evening at home....

  • find the average, or mean, of your Science Lab Data. To calculate the average, add each trial.  Then, divide this sum by 3.  Use a calculator. 
  • reread the Conclusion section of your Lab Sheet.   Does it make sense?  Make revisions and be ready to turn it in tomorrow.
  • study for tomorrow's Chapter 1 Math Test.
  • In the Reading Packet, complete the one sided Langston Hughes Comprehension Questions. I will be collecting the packet tomorrow. Several pages will be unfinished. This is o.k.. I did not assign all of the pages.
OPEN HOUSE is tonight! I hope to see you in 201!

Parents Needed!

Hello Team 201 Parents,

I am hoping to get a work crew together next Wednesday.  We need help getting our October Bulletin Boards looking fresh. The job will involve some cutting and some stapling.   If you can help that morning, please send me an email.


MB Ginn

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Wacky Windy Wet Weather Wednesday

Good Evening Team 201 Families,

I just realized that this post never made it past the draft stage this afternoon. I just clicked publish and here it is.  We did take time to create the post together, and kids did have time to write down the assignments. I hope that all of the 201 were on the ball and that we didn't have any homework hissy fits this evening!

It took some shared brain power to get today's title complete. Thank you Team201.

Today we.....

  • wrote numerical palindromes.
  • learned about the Scientific Method, Theories and Laws.
  • Esparked
  • attempted to log on to Google Classroom ( No we didn't. We talked about it a lot. Tomorrow is another day).
  • got some Brag Tags. Yay us!
  • had lunch.
  • went to Gym.
  • worked on our Chapter 1 Go Math Review.
  • discussed My Brother Martin 
  • read independently
  • talked about tomorrow's MATH MAPS test. 
This evening..
  • finish the Chapter 1 Review/Test and be ready to ask questions. The test is Friday.
  • in the Reading Packet, do the back "Plot" page. Use a numbered list or bullet points to record you ideas. Crishaad is reminding us, "Use the book."
  • read for 20 minutes or more

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Time To Describe Tuesday

It was a busy day in 201!  Right now we are working on using very specific words to write descriptive paragraphs.

This evening at home..

  • complete the Go Math 1.8 homework.  Our first Math test will be this Friday.
  • finish the vocabulary cards we began in class today.  You should NOT do the rest of the packet!
  • read for 20 minutes or more!
  • Happy Birthday Kaelyn!
Join me at OPEN HOUSE this Thursday from 6:00-7:00 p.m.. 

Monday, September 19, 2016

Mathematical Monday

This evening at home....

  • Complete the Homework and Practice for Go Math 1.7
  • Complete pages 15 and 16
  • Read independently for 20 minutes or more

Friday, September 16, 2016

Farewell Fantastic Friday

Today we bid farewell to one of our teammates.  We know that Jairen is going to be missed at Disney and wish him the best of luck at his new school.  Stay in touch, Jairen!

Today we...

  • practiced logging in to ESparks
  • finished up our Geographic Terms Flap Books. A select few may need to finish this project at home
  • spent some time reviewing yesterday's math lesson.  On Monday, we will double up and complete two Math lessons
  • went to Dance. We danced.
  • created this blog post ( thanks Max).
  • shared our Owls
  • we coded
  • we took our first Journeys test. The results are on Think Central. If your child's score is less than desirable, take heart. There will be many opportunities for success. This first grade will be the first of many. 
This weekend.
  • finish the Geography project
  • read independently for 40 minutes or more
  • be prepared for the next Multiplication Madness quiz
  • enjoy the weekend and get some rest.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Thursday Thoughts

Hey Team 201 Families!

Today we....

  • worked on our Social Studies "water features" project.
  • went to Music.
  • attempted  to take the Reading MAPS test. We are having some tech issues, so many kids were not able to take the test today. As soon as I know about make ups, I will let you know!
  • correcting the homework for Go Math 1.4 and moved on to 1.5.
  • awarded Multiplication Madness Brag Tags. Tomorrow we will wear our Brag Tags!

This evening at home....
  • finish your OWL project. More than half of them are already decorating our classroom.
  • complete the homework and practice for lesson 1.5 in Go Math
  • read for 20 minutes and write a two sentence summary about what you read. It's only 2 sentences, so select your words with care. Be descriptive and provide details about the most important part of the reading.