Friday, April 17, 2015

Fun Field Trip Featuring artiFacts Friday

It was so wonderful to have the chance to meet with 201 families yesterday.  Each one of your children has a success story to share, and it was great to spend some one-on-one time with you!  201 extends special thanks to Olivia's mom, John's mom, and Malaika's mom for joining us at the Chicago History Museum today.  We had a wonderful visit!

This weekend at home......

  • read the Wish Giver.  All kids should be up to page 70 by Monday.  Don't forget your book.
  • finish your Animal Project notes. Remember to organized notes by subtopic.  Use bullet points to record information.   Most kids are finished.  We will work on our paragraphs in class next week.  Don't forget to bring your notes to school!
  • don't forget that the Animal Project diorama and research paper are due on Friday, May 1.  Students should do the diorama at home.  Students will write the rough draft of the research paper at school.  They will publish at home.   

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Wildlife Wednesday

Hello Team 201 Families!

Today's title is brought to you by Sam.  Sam was inspired by today's morning activities.  We kicked off the day by talking about ecosystems, habitats, communities, populations and niches.  Brain pop offered some help and the discussion strong.  Later, kids were able to focus on their animal research. Most students are finished taking notes and are in the drafting stage.  Don't worry, we won't leave all of the writing until the last minute.  Students will come home with edited rough drafts next week.  You will be able to add the finished touches and "publish" at home.

We did lots of other stuff today too. We went to the science lab and preyed upon M & Ms.   We "expressed decimals in terms of dollar amounts" and felt good about our ability to cut through this fancy talk!  We also finished our Holes discussion, finally.  Students spent some time organizing their Q3 work, which they will bring home tomorrow.  Each child went home with a note today that contains your appointment time.

Tomorrow at home......

  • complete all of the work for Go Math lesson 9.5
  • complete the reading packet.  Please make sure that your writing includes details from the text. You may use a separate sheet of paper. This shouldn't take much more than an hour.  Set the timer!
  • make sure that you are keeping up with The Wish Giver.  We will be discussing the first wish next week, so students should read through page 71 by Monday.   
  • Enjoy the adaptations videos!

I am looking forward to our trip to the Chicago History Museum on Friday. We will return to school in time for lunch and recess, and I hope that we will get to Gym in the morning.  See you all at Parent Teacher Conferences tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Taking More Notes Tuesday

Today's title is brought to us by Safwan. Yes, there was more note- taking today.  Ask your child about Trade Routes to Asia, Native American Allies, or  Father Claude Allouez.  We divided and conquered.  Each child did all of the reading and then focused on one subtopic.  We are learning how to take detailed notes that synthesize the main ideas and supporting details.  We will be focusing on the IL Fur Trade next week too.  In Science, we continue to talk about behavioral and physical adaptations. Students will  be given more time to research their project topics tomorrow.    Once we have all of our notes, we will draft paragraphs.  Students should be working on the diorama at home.

This evening at home....

  • read and complete the activities in Science Fusion pp 151-161. Record this reading on your log.
  • complete the Math homework for lesson 9.4
  • continue to read The Wish Giver.  You should be finished with the first wish, pp. 16-71, by the end of the week.  We will have time to read in class tomorrow, and the next day, but kids should try to get some of the reading done this evening.
Don't forget that Field Trip forms and money are due no later than tomorrow at 8:00 a.m.!  If your child has lost the form, please write a note that gives your child permission to go on the trip this Friday, April 18, to the Chicago History Museum.  Don't forget to include an emergency number and please sign the note. The trip cost is $5.00.  Thank you!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Making Mad Notes Monday

Welcome back!  Right now, your kids are madly taking notes. We are organizing our notes by subtopic, which is difficult!   The research is part of the process.

This evening at home....

  • complete the 9.3 Reteach/Enrich page. Most kids finished the classwork and the homework in class.  If you didn't, please do this too.
  • make sure that your have read  pages 3-16 in The Wish Giver.  Write a brief summary and reflection about this section.  What are the main ideas? What is your opinion? 
  • please complete the True/False questions for The Wish Giver.
  • Book Fair: tomorrow
  • Field Trip Forms/Money due Wednesday at 8:00 a.m.
  • Parent Teacher Conferences are this Thursday.  To see the available time slots, scroll down to the "Parent Teacher Conferences" post and click on the link to Sign Up Genius.  If you sent in a form, I have returned it with your child to confirm your appointment.  I can't wait to meet with you. Please let me know if you would like to schedule on a different day.  I understand that work schedules are varied.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Treat It Like It's Friday Thursday

Hello Team 201 Families,

I hope that you all enjoy your week.  Please see the previous post "Parent Teacher Conferences" to get the latest about conferences, projects, and extra work opportunities.

All students will bring home a PARCC practice book today.  There is not a regular homework assignment at this time. Feel free to work ahead or at your own pace.

Students should begin reading  The Wish Giver.  Make sure to bring it to school every day next week.  This is the first book in our CFE Grant project.  Read away. We will discuss when we get back!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Parent Teacher Conferences Sign Up

Hi Team 201 Families,

Kids are bringing home  a sign up sheet today.   Please indicate your first, second and third choice.   I will return the sheet to you to confirm your appointment.  I have also created a sign up sheet online.  You may click on this link to sign up for the time slot that works best for you.  I hope that this is helpful!  Click on "Sign up here" to add your name.

Sign up here.

Other notes.....

  • Students are bringing home a Field Trip form today.  The trip is on Friday, April 17.  We have space for one more volunteer.  Please contact me via email or note if you would like to join us.  Money and forms will be collected from 4/13- 4/15.  Wednesday is the last day that we can accept payment. 
  • Tomorrow, students will bring home project directions. This research/science/writing/art project is due on May 1.  Students will have time in class tomorrow to select an animal and get approval.  Over the break, you may begin taking notes or/and create the diorama.  There will also be time to do this after the break.  Please do not write paragraphs over the break.  I want to guide kids through the researching and writing process.  The writing will be "chunked" into small, digestible parts.    This is not "Spring Break" homework.  Kids are free to do research and work on the art component.
  • I will not be sending home a packet over Spring Break.  Parents who are looking for extra challenge may ask their children to......
  1. Work on ST Math
  2. Read daily.
  3. Read and take quizes on Myon
  4. Watch the daily Brainpop and take the quiz
  5. Log on to Prep Dog ( see the dog house in the blog's left-hand corner) to get some MAPS practice
  6. Work in the PARCC math book
  7. Practice Math skills online on TEN MARKS. I have created a class account and loaded assignments.  Each child will receive login information tomorrow.   

Wordy Weea Wednesday

Today we talked more about "shades" of meaning. Today we also had to remind the teacher how to pronounce Sacagawea.   I am working on it.

This evening at home....

  • complete the homework for Go Math lesson 9.2
  • read the companion piece to Sacagawea and pick ONE Compare Texts activity.
  • We will take a reading and vocabulary and grammar test tomorrow. We will not take a spelling test.