Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Hello Team 201 Families,

I hope everyone enjoyed the Memorial Day weekend.  Please let me know if you have any questions about the Marble Maze. You can send me an email, or write me a note.

This evening at home...

  • Complete the homework and unfinished classwork for lesson 3.3 in Go Math.
  • Read the novel you received in class today.  
  • Select TWO of the questions from the Fan N Pick deck. Respond in writing. Use your new novel.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Where I'm From Friday

Greetings Team 201 Families,

Do you know about the Disney Multicultural Fair? This going to be a fantastic event. Please join us in the CAC on June 8th for this Second Floor event. There will be games, crafts, and food from around the world.  If you haven't done so, please complete the yellow RSVP sheet that was sent home. I hope to see you there!

Today we took a survey on Google Classroom. We are mapping our countries of origin. Disney families have stories to tell.  We are from all over the world.  This a such a cool project! Ask your child to show you.

Apparently, the substitute teacher decided to assign different homework last night.  Most kids remembered that we went over the homework together, before I left.  Students were given time this morning to get the correct homework done!

This weekend at home....
  • Keep working on that Marble Maze project.
  • Read and record on your log.
  • IXL Math/ ST MATH

MATH MAPS testing in next Friday, June 3!

Have a great weekend. I will see you bright and early on Tuesday morning.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Thursday Thoughts

Hello 201 Families!

I had to leave early today to attend a meeting.  I went over the homework with the kids before I left, but haven't had a chance to post until now.

This evening at home...

  • complete the Homework for today's Go Math lesson 13.2
  • read a book of your choice for 25-30 minutes
  • write STRONG paragraph that tells about...Your favorite character and why you like them....OR....The most interesting/exciting/funny part and why you like it. The topic is really up to you, but you MUST include evidence from the text and explain your ideas clearly.

Tomorrow we will....
  • Not take a Journey's Reading test.
  • Take the End of Year REACH performance task. This means that you will read a passage, make a graphic organizer, and then explain your ideas, with evidence, in writing. You can't study, but you can decide to bring your "A Game."
  • Continue our Odyssey for Orbs of Knowledge and Bead of Understanding
  • Begin reading a new book for next week's Book Clubs
  • Revisit the "Seeds of the Revolutionary War" and retake the Brainpop quiz.
  • Continue to work on the Electricity project.

A note about Go Math
Did you notice that we didn't quite finish Chapter 12?  Don't worry, we will cycle back to it.  All of the lessons in the chapter were covered. I decided to move on to Chapter 13 to give 201 students some time to work on Area and Perimeter. We have been talking about these topics all year. They come up in ST Math, on Esparks and in our morning work.  When we finish both 12 and 13, we will have covered all of the Go Math  curriculum.  I have lots of fun problem solving work and projects that will end the year on a strong note.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

What's the Perimeter Wendesday

This evening at home...

  • Finish page 719 of the Go Math classwork. Most are done!
  • Complete the homework for lesson 13.1
  • Write a book trailer for The Wish Giver.  It should be about two to three paragraphs. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Tremendous Effort Tuesday

Wow!  The "Orbs of Knowledge" and " Beads of Understanding" are flying out of my hands. Several kids earned Beads and Orbs today.

Tomorrow, we take our MAPS Reading test.  This evening, get plenty of rest and come in ready to hit a home run!  Let's not stress, but let's gear up for game time, kids! You have got this!

There is not regular homework this evening.  Reading is life. Please read for 25 minutes or more and record it on your log.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Finding Meaning Friday

Today we are finding out how many words use Greek and Latin roots.  We are transcending our understanding and using word structure to speculate meaning. This is a multifaceted and fruitful dive into Etymology (the study of the history of words, their origins, and how their form and meaning have changed over time. By extension, the term "the etymology (of a word)" means the origin of the particular word.)


Kids who finish an Olympian Journal will earn a Bead of Understanding to add to their chain. Students who earn 100% on an Olympian quiz will be honored with an Orb of Knowledge to add to their collection. 

Behold the Orbs of Understanding

This weekend at home....
  • Spend time planning the Marble Maze! Remember that Research papers are due June 6th
  • Please bring in the Trip Form. This is a free trip. Let's have 100% participation.
  • Don't forget that 201 will take the Reading MAPS test next Wednesday. 
  • Parents, have you created a "motivational" letter or mini poster for your child? Now is the time! Kids will bring a bit of your support to their testing sessions.
*Progress Reports are in the folders. Parents, please sign and return to indicate that you have seen the report.
*MAPS Goal Setting sheets are also in the folders. I will make time on Monday to go over these with the kids.  
*We will correct last night's Math homework on Monday morning!

A Word about testing.....
Several students are expressing test anxiety.  I understand their feelings! I am talking to the kids about keeping things in perspective.  Each child in 201 has grown this year! Some have made great improvements as readers, others have mastered multiplication facts. Some kids have gained important study skills, or are better at working in a group. Team 201 is filled with artists and poets and riddle solvers and inventors and number crunchers and animal lovers. Not all of these skills, and not all of their growth will be measured on this test.

So, how do we approach the MAPS test?  Should we be really anxious? No. Should we get our game face on? YES!  A healthy dose of adrenaline won't hurt!   Kids, you have been working hard all year. Take this opportunity to show what you know, think hard, solve those problems, and knock it out of the park!  

Image from

Testing Miss Malarkey

By Judy Finchler

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Thinking About Friction Thursday

Today we talked about Static Electricity and Atoms.  If you have time tonight, watch some of the Brainpops again. We also began our Greek Olympians Root Challenge.

This evening at home...

  • complete the homework for Go Math 12.8
  • complete the Wish Giver questions for Lesson 2, pp 32-71. Kids were given time to get the reading done in class today.
  • kids who want to work ahead and finish the Poseidon Journal can go for it.  You will  be ready to move on to Nike tomorrow!

Each child will be provided with a "regulation" sized marble this afternoon. Don't lose your marble!  I won't be providing a replacement.   Use this marble to run your Marble Maze tests. Remember, the Prototype Research packet is due June 6.

Will this marble maze be the winner? Is it 22x 22?   Will the marble stay on course? What could be added to add more friction?  Hmmmmmmmmm...