Monday, May 2, 2016

Making Mistakes Monday

We are making lots of mistakes today, so that Friday's show puts us all in crutches!  It has been very difficult to post while in the CAC.

Helpful Reminders

  • Show time is 9:00 a.m..  Doors open at 8:45 through the SW door.
  • Please send in exact change for pizza money.  The cost is $4.00. If you can donate the extra dollar, just let me know! All pizza money is due by Wednesday. A note went home on Friday.
  • Showtime apparel: Gods and Goddesses should wear a "base layer" of a solid color. Short sleeves are preferable.  

  • complete the two Graphic Novel pages that we began in class today
  • Read! 
  • Complete any classwork on pages 629 and 630 in GoMath
Learn Your Lines, Gods and Goddesses!

1-Holy Harpoons! My arthritis is acting up again!
2-I hope you surfers are happy!
3-I am so angry I could cause a tidal wave!
4-Oh Dear, settle down, just rub some of this fish oil on your joints!
5-Oh Sweet Sea! Elixir of the Gods.
6-And Goddesses!
7-Sound Waves, Light Waves?
8-Electromagnetic Mumbo Jumbo!
9-We’ll show you some waves!
10-Waves you can touch!
11- Currents you can feel!
12-Ocean Waves!
13-They’re wet!
Boys-No one makes Waves like the Ancient Ones!
Girls-Time to go to school
Boys-Old School.
Boys: Sea Creatures...
ALL-Ancient Ones of Atlantis...Let’s show em how WE Transfer Energy!

Makers of the Swells and Tides
We are  Rulers of the Sea
Working with the Moon and Wind
You will feel our energy

Waves across the ocean
They transfer energy
Currents under water
They swirl beneath the sea
Ancient forces churning
That mortals can not see

We’re the Rulers of the Water
Droplets Flow eternally
Our Energy it spans the globe
And Waves are what you see

Makers of the Swells and Tides
The Rulers of the Sea
The water may be bobbing but
What moves is energy
From the Trough to the Crest
The transverse wave it travels best
Angry sibling rivalry
Between the Wind and Sea
Conflicts causing Friction
You got your Tsunami

Don’t blame me!

We are Poseidon's children  and proud are we
When you’re talking Energy, don’t you mess with me

So bow to our command and to the forces of the Sea
Ancient Waves are Power, watch us transfer Energy!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Taking it From the Top Thursday

Today we spent lots of time standing, and sitting, and turning, and speaking, and sitting, and standing and turning, and speaking, and sitting and get the idea!  Putting on a show is hard work! The show must go on, so tomorrow will be another day to work out kinks.

This evening at home....

  • Math Review Test: Evens. Test Monday
  • Learn your lines! Like that! This means that you should know your lines, your cues, AND the song verses that you rap/sing.
  • Finish any unfinished Graphic Novel pages.
  • Of course, read this and every night.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Working on Waves Wednesday

We are catching the CAC Wave! We are so busy diving into all things waves, that it has been difficult to post. We are doing projects, we are singing, we are rehearsing and we are learning a LOT!

Parents, if you would like to volunteer, feel free to show up! I will put you to work.

This evening at home.....
-complete the homework for Math lesson 11.5
-Read the first two pages in the SOUND packet and complete the "Show What You Know."
-Work on one page of your graphic novel.  The topic is Sound. Use the packet to help you. You may focus on Sound and Hearing or What is Sound.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Finally Free Week of Freedom Friday

Today's title is truly a group effort!  Spring Break is just minutes away.

Your kids are frantically trying to finish up their Poetry Books. If unfinished, this project will need to be completed over the break.  I still have my 4th grade poetry book and I shared it with the class today.  My actual 4th grade cursive handwriting from 1978 is pretty impressive.  The poems need some work.

This week at home...

  • enjoy the relaxed pace!
  • spend time with friends and family!
  • read!
  • come to the CAC ready to create!
  • If you haven't finished the Poetry book, please do!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Thursday Thoughts

This evening at home.....
  • Practice reading the Betty Botter poem. Tomorrow we will have a Poetry Race!
  • Complete hw for lesson 11.3 in Go Math
  • Pick one type of poem and write! You may write another Lantern, Haiku, ABC, Definition, Limerick, or any type of poem that we've worked on this year.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Time to Talk Tuesday

I can't wait to see you all tomorrow! Almost every parent has reserved a spot. If for any reason you can't make the time that we scheduled the conference, just let me know. I will place student Report Cards on each child's desk. So, if plans change or if life gets in the way, feel free to come on in, sign in, and pick up the R.C.. We can reschedule your meeting!

This evening at home....

  • Go Math Lesson 11.2. Please finish any unfinished classwork.
  • The Seal: please read the poem and answer the questions. Don't forget to add details and be specific!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Making DiaMONtes Monday

Yes, they are called Diamantes Poems, not Diamontes.  I am taking a bit of poetic license, as I often do. Thanks, TyShawn, for the great idea.

This evening at home....

  • complete the Homework and Practice for Go math lesson 11.1
  • finish the graphic organizer for the Diamante Poem that we began in class today.
  • publish your poem, using the graphic organizer as your guide. You may make changes!  
  • read your poem aloud a few times. Do you love it? If not, make changes.
  • read for 30 minutes and record on your log.

Parents,  a letter about the CAC is going home today.  I hope that we will have lots of parent volunteers!