Monday, March 27, 2017

Making Theories Monday

There are several theories about the strange"drilling" noise that was heard in Pod 200 today.  Some say it was a jack hammer. Others believe that Pod 300 has a very loud and large pencil sharpener. A select few imagine that someone could be drilling a Pod 200 portal from an alternate universe....We are searching for answers.   If I learn anything, I will let you know.

This evening at home...

  • complete the hwandp for Go Math lesson 10.3. Don't forget to add the "hats" and the symbols for "is parallel to," or "is perpendicular to."
  • complete RNotebook Grammar pages 283-284
  • if you did not finish in class, which most did, please finish pp. 277-278

We need clean, clear and empty plastic bottles with caps for Thursday's Science Lab.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Thank You Cassidy Thursday

Today we, in no particular order......

  • learned that tomorrow is Cassidy's last day at Disney. BooooHoooo!  We will really miss seeing your smiling face each day, Cassidy!
  • worked on our "Diary of a Droplet Scrips/Graphic Story/Narrative"
  • practiced classifying triangles, and reviewed how to name and draw and label angles.
  • we went to the Science Lab to do the Wave Tank  erosion simulation
  • we watched and discussed a Brain Pop about Erosion
  • we read Maniac Magee
  • we listened to me write and edit this blog entry ( happening now)
  • we did some IXL and ST Math
  • we worked on our Illinois First Peoples Mind Maps
  • we did a morning math and editing warm up
  • we went to Music with Mrs. Dunne
  • we played outside
  • we probably did some other stuff too

This evening at home...
  • Go Math 10.2
  • Read the Poems and narrative and complete the Write a Poem About Beauty Activity that come after Sacagewea
  • Read and get a signature

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Wrap It Wednesday or....this just in: Water Story Wednesday

Lots and Lots of Wraps at lunch today. Too bad it is not Tuesday, or we would call it Tortilla Tuesday.

This evening at home...

  • 10.1
  • Feats of Maniac Magee ( handout)
  • READ! Please sign the Gold Card

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Tricky Tuesday

Ask your child about today's assembly.  Once they explain, you will understand today's title.  Today we....

  • did a Math review warm up and some persuasive pre writing.
  • played a "fact trade" game with our IL First Peoples cards.
  • worked on our IL First People vocabulary and began planning our Mind Maps. Tomorrow will will dive into the Mind Map activity, which is designed to help kids make connections between topics and subtopics.
  • caught up on some ST  Math
  • went to Gym with Mr. Hoover
  • enjoyed the assembly 
  • took a math test: the results are on Think Central and on the Portal
  • began planning our "My Life as a Droplet" stories

This evening at home...
  • complete the Read World Project in your new Go Math book found on page 546. Don't forget to record the square units.
  • complete pages 243 and 244 in the Readers Notebook
  • extra credit: Spelling Story handout

Note: we will be doing Spelling Activities this week, but we will NOT have a test!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Math Marathon Monday

This evening at home.....

  • study for tomorrow's math test! All kids are coming home with a corrected practice test.
  • read, and get a signature
  • answer the Analyze Text questions for Sacajawea.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Finally Finished Friday

Today we.....

  • took the final section of the PARCC test. It is over!
  • worked on, and finished, our Water Cycle prisms
  • completed the Chapter 9 Review Test. We went over just a couple of the problems together. We will finish this on Monday and will take the Chapter 9 test on Tuesday.
  • worked on the Nemesis roots.
  • watched and listened to stories of Perseus and Medussa
  • did a bit of Esparks Math

This weekend at home...
  • go over some of Chapter Review problems.
  • complete the Science Study Guide.  Everything you need to know is on this page.
  • get ready for a Water Cycle quiz on Monday!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Testing the Wildcats and The Water Cycle Thursday

There were other ideas today too....

  • Thinking Thursday
  • Thought About "Stacking" Thursday

We did "stack" decimals today. We did do a LOT of thinking today. We did take the PARCC test, again, today, and we did spend a great deal of time cycling with water. Thank you, Audrey, for reminding me so say, "GO CATS!"  I realize that this cat is not wild, and that there is a football field in the background, but COME ON, that cat is funny!

This evening at home....

  • 9.7 in Go Math. We should be ready for a test on Monday.
  • Read for 30 minutes or more. Really! Get a signature!
  • If you did not finish the Water Cycle coloring and writing today, please do so.