Thursday, March 5, 2015

Thinking Fractionally Thursday

This evening at home...
- Read the companion text to Right Dog For the Job
-Complete one of the Compare Texts activities.  Make sure to proofread your writing. Show me your best.
- In Go Math, we will do select problems from two lessons: page 401 and 402: Evens  Page  407/408 Odds
- Math tests are coming home today.  All corrections must be in by Monday

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Water Cycle Wednesday

Thanks to all of the kids who brought in water bottles today.  We are about to put them to good use in the Science Lab.

Today we played a game to help us discuss Holes.    We also wrote fractions as the sums of "base units."

This evening at home....

  • Read or reread 92-103 in Holes.   
  • Complete the Stanley Character Profile page
  • Complete the Go Math homework for lesson 7.2

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Team Up Tuesday

Thanks, Isa, for today's very appropriate title!  Today we began our unit on The Water Cycle and Weather.   We hope to be in the Science lab tomorrow, where we will see the Cycle in action.

This evening at home....

  • Lesson 7.1 in Go Math
  • The Right Dog For the Job: Analyze Test questions
  • Finish Science Fusion lesson pp. 245-251  Please do not rip it out, yet.
  • Read and Record on your Gold Card
***Please bring in empty plastic water or soda bottles tomorrow.  We need the cap too!  We will use them in the Science Lab!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Math Test Monday

I have the tests, but the results are not in.  I hope to have them for you by tomorrow.   Tomorrow kids will get new Go Math books too.

This evening at home....

  • read the next three chapters in Holes.  I am about to read aloud, and I am not sure how far I will get! 15,16,17
  • complete the double sided math practice
  • complete Readers Notebook pp207 and 208
  • complete the Holes "Journal" writing page. The response should be based on evidence in chapters 15,16, and 17.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Time Travel Thursday

Today we traveled back in time, to Latvia, to learn about Stanley Yelnat's no-good-pig-stealing-great-great- grandfather.   We also gathered further evidence that Camp Green Lake is neither green nor "campy."   I think that teacher and students alike are enjoying Holes.    If you are reading ahead, be prepared to reread!

This evening at home.....

  • in Holes, read or reread chapters 9 and 10.  While you read, make a note of any interesting or new vocabulary words. You will need them.  You will understand when you read the Holes sheet that you will complete tonight. 
  • complete the Chapter Summary page.  Use chapter 9.  Please make sure that your writing is neat and complete.  Tips: The title should be catchy and hint at an important event or main idea. Include at least 3 vocabulary words.   The personal connection may reflect your ideas or opinions about the chapter.
  • complete the odd problems in the Go Math Chapter Review.  We did the evens in class today.  The chapter 6 test is on Monday.
  • study the spelling and vocabulary words.  You can find the words in the Readers Notebook, or by clicking on the Study Guides tab on this blog.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Waxing Crescent Wednesday

Today we ate the Phases of the Moon.  Well, first we built  a model with Oreos.  Then we took pictures with our iPads. Kids are using Doceri to import the pictures and create a labeled diagram about moon phases.  We celebrated with an Oreo treat. Unfortunately, there is one person in the class who doesn't enjoy Oreos. I am still working on finding something that everyone likes!  Sorry, Nisma!

Today we also reviewed the answers to last week's PARCC math practice.  It was pretty grueling, but was a learning lesson in reading directions.  We also were able to preview some more advanced fractions concepts.  Tomorrow we will go over the reading section.  The first section of the each "test" will count as a "classwork" grade. We still don't know if Disney kids will be taking the PARCC test in March.  No matter what happens, don't forget that PARCC is not how growth is measured this year.  We are sticking with MAPS.

Holes is our new novel.  Each student received a copy today.  We read and discussed chapters 1-4 in class today. This is a fantastic read for parents and kids!  I know you've heard it before, but the book is much better than the movie.  Chapters are short, but this text and its topics are complex.

We did not have time to complete  all of the practice pages for lesson 6.8 today.  We did practice the concepts, however, and worked on two of the problems together.  Based on last night's homework, I believe that we are ready to move on.  We will dedicate more time to this lesson tomorrow.   Students should be ready for the Chapter 6 test on Monday.

This evening at home...
Read in Holes, pages 11-25 *
Complete the Holes reading response sheet: both sides
Complete Go Math homework lesson 6.8
*I am writing this from memory, as I am posting from home.  Did I get this last page correct?  I know you copied the homework from the board, 201!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Time to Rename Tuesday

This evening at home....

  • Complete Science Fusion pages 315-321
  • Please complete the Go Math homework for lesson 6.7
  • Read the Companion piece to Riding Freedom and pick ONE of the Compare text activities.