Thursday, June 12, 2014

Too Long Without a Post Thursday

Hello Team 201 Families!

I have been experiencing difficulties accessing the blog while at school, so it has been a while since my last post.  Tomorrow is the last day of school!  It will be a full day. We will watch our Shakespeare performances, and will work on our end of the year memory books.  We will also hold our in-class awards ceremony.

This week was a bit different.  We've been hard at work, but we've changed our approach.  Here is what we've been up to in class.....

  • Monday was ILLINOIS DAY.  We spent the day learning all about the Land of Lincoln.  We researched IL symbols, IL geography,  the symbols on the IL flag and seal and IL statehood. Students designed a file folder collage to show what they leaned.
  • Tuesday was WONDER DAY.   We discussed character and theme.  Students created a "book in a bag" project in which they reflected upon "the precepts" and the characters.  Students created artifacts that represent important story elements and  to place inside the bag.
  • Wednesday was field day.  I am sorry that I missed it!  The date change posed a problem.
  • Today is MATH DAY.  We are working on  extended problem solving right now.  Ask your child about the Doggy Dilemma problem. This problem involves calculating cost, perimeter and area.  

  • Please return your ROK cards tomorrow. I need them!
  • Would you like me to send you the Shakespeare performance video? If so, send an email to

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Wednesday Wehersal

Does that work for you?  It works for me!  Today was all about rehearsing.  Your kids have so many great ideas and they always want to add something new to the script. These plays belong to them!

This evening at home....Practice reading your lines clearly and expressively.  We want to hear you tomorrow, so get ready to belt it out!

Students may bring a treat or snack to share during lunch tomorrow. This is not mandatory, of course!

See you tomorrow at 11:00. Bring your camera!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Trying to Tie Togas Tuesday

Big News:

  •  We have been watching the radar all day, and the forecast is looking grim.   Field Day has been postponed until next Wednesday, June 11.  If it rains on the rain-day, we will spend the day indoors, playing games.
  • We will hold a small celebration after our performance, during our regular lunch time.  Students may bring a treat to share.

This evening at home.....

  • practice those lines!!  No scripts tomorrow, kids.
  • recruit someone to come and see Thursday's performance. Doors open at 11:00.
  • complete My Math pages 915-916
  • complete the Summer Character page. 
  • bring in your library books. Notices went home today. 

Friday, May 30, 2014

Twelfth Pnight Friday

Hello Team 201 Families!   Today was a busy one.  I am having a blast working with your kids.  They are a creative bunch. Today we explored yet another Shakespeare title, Twelfth Night, adapted by Lois Burdett and Christine Coburn.  What a saga!  The kids created fantastic story maps. I hope that you will see these and our other projects on Thursday. They will all be on display. Students are coming home with a flyer today.
Here is the rundown:
MacBeth and A Midsummer Night's Dream
Deuling Shakespearean Trash Talk
Project Gallery
Thursday, June 5 
11:00 a.m.
CAC Dining Room

This Weekend.......
  • The Marble Maze Lab Sheet is due on Monday.  Late work will not be accepted.  If you need another copy, log on to Mrs. O'Brien's website.  Click on the projects tab.  You will see it.
  • Marble Mazes are due on Friday
  • Many kids need to edit their Zoo Research.  Bring it back on Monday.
  • If you did not finish today's Shakespeare work, it is homework.
  • I will make an announcement regarding Pizza money on Monday. Stay tuned.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

Hello 201 Families-

It looks like our final performances of MacBeth and A MidSummer Night's Dream will be on Thursday, June 5th, at 11:30.  I am waiting for final approval and will send a special note home as soon as I have it.

Prop Needs-
  • Three white sheets
  • royal crowns, his and hers
  • someone to help set up the day of show in the morning

  • Marble Maze lab sheet: due June 2. Late lab reports will not be accepted!  The dimensions for the maze are 22 x 22.  A regular piece of cardboard will work well. All other materials, with the exception of glue/tape to adhere the maze, can be found items.  Towel rolls work great!  Remember, your goal is to get your marble from start to finish, without getting stuck.  How can you slow down your marble?  Think about adding friction and using gravity to your advantage.
  • Field Day is June 4th.   Students should bring a picnic lunch. The PTA will not be providing water or snacks. Students should be prepared for a long day outside: bring plenty of water and sunscreen!  Students who forget a lunch will be escorted to the cafeteria during our regular lunch time at 1:00 p.m..
  • All Disney library books are due tomorrow!   Students may keep Wonder until the end of the year.

This evening at home.....
  • Complete the My Math pages.....  be precise!
  • Study your lines and think about your role.
  • Wonder work: complete the Jack Character Analysis sheet.  If you are not finished, keep on reading!  You should be reading every night!
  • Read for pleasure and record!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Parents, want to come to the Zoo?

Hi Parents,

We have room for another parent volunteer for tomorrow's trip.  If you can make it, send me an email!

Today is Not Monday Tuesday

It kind of seems like a Monday!   We are are all excited about tomorrow's trip to the Brookfield Zoo. We will leave school at 8:30, so all volunteers should be here bright and early.

This evening at home..

  • Complete the "Character Notes for Via" sheet.  We've spent lots of class time analyzing her. As Deandre said, "Via is kind of complicated."  Use the text to support your ideas.  Details, please!
  • Complete the My Math Homework found on pp.891-2
  • Read for pleasure and record on your Green Card.  If you are not finished with Wonder, read Wonder.
  • Bring a bag lunch to school. You will be carrying this lunch all day, so be prepared!
  • Bring a small water bottle.
  • Bring a pencil/ colored pencils
  • A small backpack might be helpful
  • Comfortable shoes are a must!