Sunday, July 17, 2016

Summer Sunday

Hello out there!

I hope that Disney kids past and future are enjoying a wonderful summer!  Check out the Disney website for an updated Pod 200 Supply List!

Kids, I hope that you are reading every day, no matter if you are on your way in or out of Team 201! Don't forget to brush up on those multiplication facts.

Have you signed up for the Chicago Public Library Summer Program? It is FREE, and there are lots of great incentives ( prizes) for readers and creators. See you at the library!

Friday, June 17, 2016

Final Friday

Coming up with today's title was easy!

Please empty out those book bags tomorrow!  On Monday, bring your pencil box, a folder, Holes, and one notebook!

Do you have any "Mrs, Ginn" books at home?  Please, please return them if you do.

Report Cards go home Tuesday!
Tuesday is a full day of school for kids.
There is no homework this weekend.  Please continue to read Holes if you have not finished.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Thinking Through The Maze Thursday

A-MAZE-ING work Team 201 Families and Students!

I was really impressed by the thought and creativity that I witnessed today. Kids had some time to "shore up" their mazes and run trials with friends. We witnessed some great teamwork and sportsmanship.

Sharon's "Fly Paper Special" nearly took the 201 title. We had to stop the clock at 20 minutes due to technical difficulties.  Henry's "Slow and Steady" horizontal run took 2nd place. It was Maxwell's
"Corn Syrup Conundrum" that was the show stopper in 201 and the entire pod.  These are not the real names of the mazes. I made them up!

Kudos to all for their hard work on this project. This one really seemed to get the kids thinking.

This evening there is no homework. Come to school ready to learn about volume. We will be building towers!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Totally Awesome Tuesday

How lucky are we? Thank you Zeus and Apollo! We had a wonderful Field Day. Your kids are tired and thirsty.

This evening at home...

  • bathe!   
  • Read and record!
  • Come to school ready to get your Area, Perimeter and Origami on, because tomorrow is officially   Area, Perimeter and Origami Mega Math Challenge Day!

If you have origami paper at home, feel free to bring it. We will be using regular copy paper to advance from Origami Apprentice to Origami Masters.   May the Fold Be With You!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Making Plans Monday

Tomorrow is 4th Grade Field Day!

The radar report is not looking favorable, but we have our "top people" working on it! Maybe if 100% of the kids in 201 finish the Zeus packet and pass the quiz, the skies will be clear. If Iris is smiling on us for even some of the time, we will go outside. Be prepared for a great day, indoors or out!


  • your finished Olympian work. Be prepared to take quizzes in the morning.
  • a picnic lunch. 
  • games, cards, dolls, crafts or other things to play with, inside or out
  • water and sunscreen, if needed
  • a towel

Leave at home...
  • water guns, balloons, etc.
  • toy weapons
  • anything with wheels: skates, roller blades, skateboards, hover board, etc.
  • pup tents or pop ups

Friday, June 10, 2016

Friday Thoughts

Hello Team201 Parents and Students!

Any child who scored lower than 85% on yesterday's Math Test will retake the test on Monday.  I am not accepting corrections! You can log on to Think Central to check out your child's score.

By Monday, all kids should be nearly finished with the Olympians work.  Kids should be coming home with packets to complete if they are falling behind.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

We Love Wetlands Wednesday

What a fantastic day! Thank you, Mother Nature, for providing us with a perfect day for our trip.  We saw deer. Lots of them. We saw cool- foamy-maybe-eggs-things-attached to leaves. We will be looking that one up tomorrow! We saw frogs. We saw turtles.  We had a picnic. We played tag. We sang Happy Birthday to Giselle. We were treated to cupcakes.   We got back to school just in time for recess and Library. It was pretty close to perfect.

This evening at home...

  • The only homework is to prepare for tomorrow's Chapter 13 Math test. Kids should have the completed and corrected Review test with them.

  • Please read and record on your log. Get a signature.

Marble Maze day is June 16th! 
Field Day is June 14th!
June 21 is the last day of school. It is a full day!

Multicultural Night is this evening, in the CAC from 5-7:00! I hope to see you there!