Friday, December 2, 2016

Friday News

 The School Spelling Bee is December 20th.  I am sending home a very long list with kids today.  This is the list that we will use to determine our 201 representative.  I know that you are getting very short notice on this one!  Just do your best!  Our class spelling bee will be next Wednesday.  If you are in it to win it, begin studying the list this weekend. On Tuesday, I will begin with the fist page!

This weekend at home....

  • Read!
  • Study those Spelling words!

Next week, we will begin learning about heat energy.  Enjoy this Study Jams!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Toothless Thursday

This title is inspired by Mac's tooth.  This is the third one he's lost in a month. He thinks.   We have not verified this with an official tooth count.

Today we...

  • finished up our Day In the Life "energy" cartoons
  • went to Music
  • discussed Shades of Meaning and shared our homework ideas
  • discussed Jose Born to Dance and did some writing from Jose's perspective on Google Drive
  • corrected last night's math homework and moved on the 4.10 Place the First Digit. The next few lessons tackle long division.  Please check in with your child. I am working with kids to give them extra practice at school.
  • enjoyed Mr. Lee's Multiples Rap
  • went to the Science Lab and explored the effects of salt on watercolors.

 * The Pod 200 Awards Ceremony is tomorrow at 9:00!
*Yes, we are taking a test on Jose Born to Dance tomorrow.

This evening at home.....
  • Read the poems found on pp. 304-306 in Journeys
  • Practice reading one of them aloud. If you don't have an audience, practice in front of the mirror
  • On page 306, do the Write a Dance Poem activity.  Make sure that you are proud of your work and be prepared to share!
  • Complete Go Math hw lesson 4.10

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Wonderful Wednesday

Our day began on the right foot. Team 201 kids did a fantabulous job on last night's JOT IT homework.  Kids had a chance to add some final touches today, and they are ready to display.

Today we also.....

  • spent some time researching our congressional representative, senators and state leaders.
  • read Jose Born to Dance  together and discussed key points.
  • worked with partners to dig for evidence, discuss and  respond to this text.
  • worked on using partial quotients and bar models to solve division problems.
  • created " A Day In the Life" Energy cartoons
Do you have an extra roll of blue, or any color, painters' tape? We need some rolls for an art project tomorrow.

This evening at home

  • complete the hw and practice for lesson 4.9. Choose your method!
  • complete pages 111 and 112 in the Readers Notebook
  • read for 20 minutes or more

Need help with using the Partial Quotients strategy? Maybe this will help:

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Tried and True Tuesday

Greetings Team 201 Families,

Many kids in 201 prefer the "tried and true" method of division that you and I learned when we were in fourth grade. We are learning LOTS of different ways to divide. Today, we used partial quotients, rectangular models, and the good ole'-fashioned, " tried and true," long division.

On tonight's homework, select the method that works best for you! Please show all of your work.

This evening at home...

  • Please find and sign the Mid Chapter Checkpoint. I had the chance to work with small groups today, and we went over some of the problems as a class. After looking at the problems at home, ask your child to circle problem- problems.  I can meet with kids individually this week.
  • Read pp.428-439 in Science Fusion. Do not write in the book.
  • Complete the JOT IT "artistic note taking" sheet.
  • Complete the homework and practice for Go Math lesson 4.8

Monday, November 28, 2016

Mournful Monday

Well, today's title is a bit misleading. Don't be confused. Team 201 is not mourning. We did debut some new vocabulary today, and mournful is one of them. Don't be discouraged,  I know that with practice we will triumph!  Some kids may need to haul out those dictionaries this week!

This evening at home...

  • finish pages 109 and 110 in the Readers Notebook.
  • read for 20 minutes or more and record.
  • prepare for Multiplication Madness tomorrow.
  • show your parents the Field Trip form.
  • complete the Lesson 4.8 Enrich Math sheet that was handed out today.
Today we took a Mid Chapter Checkpoint quiz. This helps me assess readiness to move on to new concepts.  Some of you will be getting a "grade trigger" this evening that indicates that your student's average has risen or fallen. I will be spending time reviewing these concepts with small groups or one on one tomorrow. I will send home the original quiz tomorrow.

Enjoy this poster and video on Divisibility Rules.  Memorizing Divisibility Rules can help you compute large numbers quickly.  I hope that this helps you with your homework!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Thankful Tuesday

Today we are thankful for our friends! 201 is saying farewell to our classmate Lucas. We know that you will make lots of new friends in your new school!  Thanks for the treats, Lucas. Stay in touch!

This weekend....

  • Read!
  • Finish your Snake Project. Please note that if you are bringing it home, it is officially late and points will be deducted.
  • Do some IXL and ST Math
  • Enjoy time with family
  • Field Trip forms went home today. Our trip to the Field Museum is December 19th.
  • The Quarter 1 Awards Ceremony is December 2.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Making Connections Monday

This morning began with a discussion of the root "inter-."  We are learning how to break down words and use root meanings to help us gain understanding.  Ask your child to explain the difference between interstate and international. At the intermediate level,  we are interjecting more "root" work into the curriculum.  As your kids know, I find Etymology, or the study of words, extremely interesting.

Here's a fun, to me, link to help you learn more about roots and word origins.

This evening at home...

  • finish the writing portion of the Snake research. Kids had lots of time in class to take notes and do research.  Please Do Not complete the first/cover page.  If you don't have time to do the sketches or drawings, that is fine. We can do them in class tomorrow.
  • complete the Homework and Practice for lesson 4.7
Check out this Brainpop to give you a math boost. You will need to log in!

Here is a sample of how we can use repeated subtraction to divide a number into groups.