Thursday, March 22, 2018

Thumbs Up Thursday

Today's title comes from our birthday girl, Priya. March is birthday month in 201. Kahlen, Kaiden, Abel, Priya and  Amanie all celebrate this month.This evening at home....
  • study those vocabulary words! They can be found in this week's story, Sacagawea. There is also a list on today's classwork: Main idea/Vocab. 
  • We will take a reading test tomorrow.
  • do the hw and practice for Go Math lesson 9.1
  • read, and get confirmation.
  • today's main idea and detail activity
* Get unfinished work done! I MUST have all incomplete work in by Wednesday, 4/4! You may be missing:
  • solar system book
  • the Laura Ingalls Wilder mind map.
  • the Mythology in Modern Times project
I do not plan on giving homework during Spring Break, FYI. Any classwork that is outstanding is very late. There have been multiple opportunities to get the job done. We need to move on!

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Wacky Wednesday

Today we.....

  • finished up our Solar System mini books
  • took the Math Test!
  • went to Library
  • attended a Brazilian Dance performance in the CAC
  • read about Lewis and Clark and then Laura Ingalls Wilder, another one of my favorites.
  • went to lunch and recess
  • worked on some persuasive writing: Should school start later?

This evening at home...
  • In The West magazine, read and annotate Early History of the West, and complete a Fact Finder based on the information. Remember, your focus is on main idea and details.10 facts minimum. Captions can count as facts, as can mini diagrams.
  • read a book of your choice for 20 minutes and get is logged.

Student Survey Access

Hey Kids- click on the link to take the Student Survey. Let me know if you have questions.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Reading Together Tuesday

Greetings Fabled Fourth Grade Families,

Thank you, Steven, for your fast thinking today. Tuesday's title ties in with today's time spent together.

I know that it is hard to squeeze in  the daily reading time. I understand that when evenings are packed with other homework, dinner, after- school activities and well, life, the daily reading time is often the first to be sacrificed.  I think that this graphic makes a strong case as to why the the daily reading is so very important!

Image result for why can't I skip my 20 minutes of reading

This evening at home.....
  • study for tomorrow's math test.
  • complete the vocabulary matching and "doodle page." There isn't a space for each word. You choose!  Write the word and "doodle it." Color is appreciated.  
  • Read! ( See above)

Monday, March 19, 2018

Esprit De Corps of Discovery

Now do you get the corps thing, 201?

How did the US expand from puny colonies to a vast nations that spreads "from sea to shining sea?"  Check out these links to learn more about Lewis and Clark's epic expedition and the mapping of the western territories.

Sacagewea earns respect at the Falls of the Missouri.

Trusted interpreter guide, provider.

Maps created on the journey helped Americans venture out on to the frontier to create new settlements.

Journal entries created on the expedition are crucial primary sources, or first hand accounts, of the the Corp's experience.

Learning Links:

You will need flash to check out this video. Let me know if you find others, and I will post them!

Monday Musings

PARCC testing is over, and it was great to have a "regular" day of learning in 201.  Today we....

  • completed an "entrance slip" to show what we remember from this weekend's reading of Sacagawea.
  • selected an Article of the Day on and read/listened to an article about planets.
  • finished up our SW bookmarks.
  • listened to and discussed Scagawea. I love learning about Lewis and Clark's expedition with Corps of Discovery.
  • went to Gym.
  • began working on the Chapter 8 Review. We asked and answered questions and got a lot done!
  • went to lunch and recess.
  • returned to class to work on our Planets mini pop up book.

This evening at home...
  • Finish the Chapter 8 Review. We will test on Wednesday.
  • Read the first two sections of The West: Way out West and Geography of the West. Annotate the text. For each section, record one main idea with supporting details. Use the post it provided.

**Did you receive a "grade trigger" from the Parent Portal today? If your child has not completed the Text Structures flip book, a mark of "M," which averages in as a score of "0" was entered today. This work is late! As soon as it is complete, I can add in some more points.Flap Books that have a post it with a check plus or check plus plus have already earned an A.   Please keep these in the green folder so that we can reference them throughout the year!

Friday, March 16, 2018

Foodie Friday

Wow! These Book Buffet projects are amazing!! Thank you parents and students for the Herculean efforts! We had a great time checking out the projects today. We were even able to go into 208 and 204.

This weekend at home...

  • Read Sacagawea om Journeys.
  • Have a great weekend and come back ready to learn