Thursday, October 30, 2014

Taken Over By Pumpkins Thursday

Creative, imaginative, skilled, hard-working, and thoughtful: These are just a few of the characteristics that I can use to describe 201 students and their families. The pumpkins are amazing!  Your kids are doing a great job presenting to the class. Each is speaking about the characteristic chosen, and is presenting the evidence to back up the ideas.  The writing looks great too! I hope that doing most of the work in class made this part of the project less painful for you, parents.

Today we also....
  • worked on our Physical Features research
  • worked on multiplying two and three digit numbers using regrouping
  • read our new class novel: Phineas L. MacGuire Gets Slimed
  • worked on our ST Math goals
This evening at home...
  • Finish Chapter one, and read Chapter 2 in Phineas Gets Slimed.
  • Create a list of 10 "Powerful Words" from the reading. These words can be descriptive adjectives or adverbs, or nouns that are specific. Keep the list in your notebook. Do not rip it out.
  • Complete My Math pp. 129-130 and any unfinished classwork
  • Don't forget, ha ha, that tomorrow is Halloween. Kids may bring in wrapped candy to share. There are 30 kids in our class.  Kids may bring in a costume to wear over their clothes. They should not wear the costume to school. We will change in the classroom last period.

Can anyone bring in small plastic or paper cups? We need them for a math activity tomorrow. Let me know via email or edmodo.  If I don't hear from anyone, I will pick some up on the way to school.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Writing Wednesday

The Pumpkin Projects are due tomorrow. Today we worked diligently to draft and revise our writing. Your kids worked so hard!  We practiced peer editing. Kids learned how to give constructive, specific feedback, and how to compliment too.   Most kids are coming home with a copy that is revised and ready to be published!

Today we also went to the Science Lab, where we reviewed how to measure volume. Our focus today was on MASS. We use the Triple Beam Balance to measure mass of several objects. This task was challenging!   This lesson integrated lots of math skills.

This morning, we worked on our daily math and grammar skills. We also used the ipads to gather information for our Social Studies posters. We practiced taking notes using a subject heading and bullet points.

Tonight at home....

  • Use the quad-fold index cards to publish the final draft of your writing. Decorate by adding a themed border or other illustrations, if you have the space.
  • Finish decorating your pumpkin and bring it to school tomorrow.
  • There is NO MATH homework this evening.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Titleless Tuesday

That's it for now. Maybe one of the kids will have a better idea!

This evening at home....

  • Write two to three sentences that will be your Closing Statements for your Pumpkin Writing.  For inspiration, look at your Opening Statements.  These sentences should "wrap up" the writing, but should leave the reader wanting more.
  • Complete My Math 123 and124
  • Read and record

Monday, October 27, 2014

Making Diagrams Monday

Today's math skill, Making Diagrams, is an important one. Why? Diagrams can help us "see" the problem. Diagrams can help us work through the problem, one step at a time. This is important, because most of the Common Core math problems have three or even four steps!  Today we discussed the importance of labels. Tonight, practice!  Label that diagram! Model each step of the problem, and make sure that you are answering the right questions.   I will send home graph paper.

This evening at home......

  • Read and record on your log.
  • Play some of the grammar games on Edmodo, if you have access.  
  • Complete Science Fusion pages 374-382
  • Complete the Go Math pages 117 and 118. Use the graph paper to draw models/diagrams.

  • We will work on our Pumpkin Writing in class tomorrow.  We got a bit done today. Tomorrow, we draft.
  • Don't forget that the Pumpkin project is due on Thursday!  I can't wait to see those pumpkins!
  • We will complete the Solid/Liquid/Gas Graphic Organizer in class tomorrow.  
  • Great job studying for the Social Studies test!  I can tell that most kids put the time in this weekend.  The papers are graded, but I am having technical difficulties with my gradebook.  I will get them entered and returned A.S.A.P.!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Physical Features Friday

Hi Team201 Families,

Today was a busy one. Students worked hard to complete their Map/Study Guides.  Kids worked with partners, so I made a copies of the students' work so that each child could go home with a copy. Students used the resource section of their Social Studies text to help them locate 15 physical landmarks. The next step was to plot each on a map and label.  Yesterday, we took a pop quiz so that kids would know where to concentrate their efforts.  Don't worry! This "quiz" counts as classwork! On Monday, I will use the questions to describe a specific physical landmark. Students should be able to name the feature and plot it on the U.S. map.  You can find a copy of the questions on Edmodo. Filter the posts by "Assignments" to reach is quickly.

Today we also....

  • watched a BrainPop on States of Matter. We will dive into this topic more deeply on Monday.
  • took our weekly reading test. The tests are scored and will be entered and returned on Monday or Tuesday.
  • worked on Esparks Math and St Math.
  • worked one on one for a few minutes with Mrs. Ginn to help refine the Pumpkin Writing "Opening Statements."
  • finished our Physical Features Maps and discussed the expectations for Monday's Test.

This weekend...
  • study for Monday's Social Studies test. We have dedicated a great deal of class time to this topic. Students have identified the areas that they need to study the most.
  • decorate that pumpkin! It is due on Thursday, so it is time to set the wheels in motion.
  • read and record on your log.
  • don't worry about the Pumpkin Writing. We will devote class time to this project on Monday. Some of the writing will be done at home next week, but I promise that the amount sent home will be balanced.  Kids will do a bit each night, and they will receive specific instructions in class.   We are learning how to build strong paragraphs one step at a time. Kids who rush ahead will end up doing extra work and may become frustrated. 
  • hang on to the math homework that was due today.  All students' homework was checked in by me. We will have our homework Q and A session on Monday.
  • check your child's folder/bottom of book bag for the Halloween letter. It went home today.  
Next week....
  • We will not begin a new story in Journeys.   It is time for our first Benchmark Test. This test is not based on the Journeys stories, but on the concepts covered. We will take it a bit at a time. I plan on giving the grammar portion at the end of the week. We will prepare in class during our regular reading time.   
  • We will celebrate Halloween on Friday afternoon.  It will be short, but sweet, and I mean that literally!  Students may bring candy to share with their classmates.  Students may also bring a costume to put on over their regular clothes at the end of the day.  Please leave these items at home: full face masks, pseudo weaponry, wands, face paint, and, if you are the forgetful type,  any item that is crucial to your Friday Night Trick or Treating Fun.  I am not mentioning any names!  I can't wait to see you all in your costumes for 20 minutes! It will be fun!
  • Parents, we will need some help organizing candy Friday morning. Please let me know if you'd like to help.
Enjoy the videos about your favorite topic..........grammar!  Did I hear a Whootwhoot?  Guess not.  Watch and learn, smart people.  

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Three Step Math Thursday

This evening at home.....

  • show a parent the Pumpkin Writing page.
  • select your adjective/character trait
  • write your opening statements. See the Pumpkin Writing page for details.
  • in Journeys, read the companion piece, Hoderi the Fisherman on page 158
  • complete the Go Math homework pp.111 and 112
  • study for spelling, vocabulary and grammar

We will have a Social Studies Test on Monday. Study the answers to the questions we've been working on in class. I will make extra copies to send home tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tall Tale Tuesday

Today we read Tall Tales. We also discussed Stormalong , and how to make inferences.  The kids did a great job on their Hyperbole homework last night.  Today we tried to clarify the differences between hyperbole, similes, metaphors and idioms.  The subtle differences can be tricky, but we will get it.

This evening at home....

  • Complete the Story Map for your "Pumpkin Project" book
  • Complete pages 103 and 104 in Go Math
  • Log on to Edmodo to read some more Tall Tales, if you have interned access.
  • Read and record.

Enjoy two more versions of Stormalong. What are the similarities and differences that you notice?