Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Wrap Up Wednesday

Welcome to Summer Wednesday, Way to Go Wednesday, We'll See Ya' In September Wednesday, Weekend Feeling Wednesday....

I was just reviewing the last post, and realize that we didn't get to do half of what I had planned. We did get to sing Happy Birthday to all of the summer birthdays, and we did take the time to visit friends( and family) in other homerooms. Kids also received special-kind-of-silly awards yesterday, along with the usual Honor Roll, Perfect Attendance, and Citizenship awards.  Parents, you should know that every child in 201 is worthy of the Citizenship Award in one way or another.  The variety of strong character traits is incredible!

Thank you Team201 Students and Families, for a fantastic school year! This year's group really jelled, and I  enjoyed working with each and every one of you. Thank you, parents, for all of your diligence at home. I know that checking the blog, signing the Gold Card and supporting work on projects and homework is hard work. I hope that both parents and students enjoy the summer break.

Stay in touch, Team 201! I look forward to hearing about all of your future endeavors. Parents, please don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions or need help navigating the system through high school and beyond. I am always happy to hear from you!

Friday, June 16, 2017

Final Friday

This was our final Friday together.  Many of the kids are helping me put 201 labels on the furniture. Some of them were sticking those 201 labels on themselves! I know that everyone is ready for a break from school!

This weekend at home....

  • PLEASE clean out that book bag!
Next week, kids will need the following items on Monday and Tuesday:
  • pencil case ( most of these are still at school) with writing utensils
  • folder
  • empty bookbag or bag
On Monday and Tuesday, we will...
  • Make our 201 Play List CDs
  • Read and possibly act out a Midsummer Night's Dream
  • Play Are You Smarter Than A 4th Grader Science Jeporday
  • Play Math Team Kahoots
  • Finish our cursive books
  • Watch the Time Travel Canoe
  • Receive End of the Year Awards
  • Do some other fun stuff!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Thriving Thursday

Thriving is what your kids are doing RIGHT NOW!  Literally, they are at recess, which is part of the thriving equation.

Before lunch, we heard two groups perform Macbeth. We have one group to go. Some of these kids were born for the spotlight! After lunch, we will begin our trip down memory lane. Kids will work on one page of this year's Memory Book.  Tomorrow, we will create a 201 Playlist.  We will also read A Midsummer Night's Dream, and will  review Chapter 13.

This evening at home....

  • clean out the book bag.
  • Kids who did not finish the Chapter Review should do so. We had plenty of time for this today!
  • Kids who are not finished with page 82 of the cursive practice should finish at home.  Ditto on the time management comment.
  • Please Read and record.
  • 97% of the students only have to read this evening to meet the homework expectation.
  • Please bring the Chapter 13 Math book to school tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Wicked Witches Wednesday

Fair is Foul and Foul is Fair....we read all of Macbeth ( For Kids) today. It was quite the marathon!

This evening at home...

  • Read for 20 or more and get a signature.
  • If you did not finish it in class, which most did, please complete the Macbeth letter. Sophia, don't worry about this assignment. About  7-10 sentences. Illustrated. 

Tomorrow we will...
  • work on Shakespeare art and drama activities
  • begin our Memory books
  • work on the Root Olympian Challenge
  • work on the Chapter 13 Review/Test
  • work on cursive writing

Monday, June 12, 2017

Macbeth Monday

Today we began reading Macbeth.  We watched a very brief  video that spelled out the main plot points and characters.

This evening at home...

  • finish the homework for 13.5
  • read
  • get ready for Field Day
Field Day Notes
  • Tomorrow is the big day!
  • Bring a picnic lunch. Kids who do not bring a lunch will receive a bag lunch from school.
  • Wear and bring sunscreen.
  • Water: bring a reusable bottle. You will need to stay hydrated.
  • Kids may bring a snack or treat to share with the class.
  • Bring a towel or small blanket for your picnic.
  • Kids may bring games(non electronic) and outdoor toys.
  • Kids may not bring a baseball or bat. Bring a tennis ball or similar instead.  Mitts are fine!
  • Kids may not bring any toy or equipment  that has wheels.
  • Water balloons and Super Soakers? No. 

Parents, you are welcome to join us. It will be a relaxing  day out on the field!

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Through The Prism Thursday

Ask your child about today's Science Lab. It was very colorful!

This evening at home...

  • 4 Limericks-rough drafts only. We have been working on these all day and most kids are finished. Use the examples and directions on Google Classroom to help you. Do not publish Limericks. I want to check them tomorrow.
  • Publish one more poem of your choice. Use the publishing paper. You may put several poems on one page if it works.
  • Math 13.4
  • Parents, please sign the mid chapter checkpoint. Please sign the Gold Card.
Mid Chapter Corrections: Please sign the Mid Chapter Checkpoint. Write corrections on a separate sheet of paper. I need these by Monday. No exceptions due to the time of year!

Chapter 12 Math Corrections. Many students have not availed themselves of this opportunity. All corrections should be written and explained clearly. Parent signature required. Monday is the last day that I will accept corrections.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Wednesday Wamblings

We are working on our couplets. Today's alliterative title proves that sometimes it takes a bit of a stretch to make the words work.

Tonight at home...

  • do the Math Practice, both sides. NO HOMEWORK PASSES ALLOWED.  Last night's homework proved that most kids were not ready for a quiz today. This extra practice should get them ready. We will review it first thing in the morning.
  • practice your Animal Speech. We will present tomorrow and Friday.
  • work on your couplet and publish it on the special paper that was provided today. If you have proofread your draft carefully, then go straight to color.
  • read!