Thursday, April 10, 2014

Taking Flight Thursday

Thanks, Olivia, for creating today's very appropriate title. We took our helicopter designs to to the skies today. The wind was an unanticipated variable. A few students "lost" their creations to the gale.   It was time for Plan B: the experiment continued in the cafeteria.

Today we also......

  • created maps that trace Marquette and Jolliet's voyage.
  • went to Library.
  • worked on this week's grammar and writing skills
  • corrected last night's line plot homework and worked on more problem solving 
  • went to lunch and recess ( outdoor, yeah!)
  • esparked in Math

This evening at home....
  • review this week's vocabulary words and reread the story. We have a test tomorrow!
  • read for pleasure and write a reflection. Please don't write a summary. Describe an event or character in detail.  If you are not done with your Book Club book, your should read it! Otherwise, it is your choice.
  • complete the MY Math homework pp. 753-4

Homework and Spring Break
These are two words that just don't sound right  when used in the same sentence.  There will not be any regular homework assigned. Of course, reading should be a daily activity.   Here are some ideas to keep you busy:
  • Extra Math: Do a round a day!
  • ST Math: Join the Challenge Club!
  • Study Island: Great practice for the MAPS test
  • MAPS practice: Follow the tabs up top

MAPS testing will begin the second week in May. I will post the schedule as soon as I know it!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Wild Because It's Warm Wednesday

Finally! Andrea has another great idea for today's title: Worried About Today's Title Wednesday.
The creativity around here is ever-expanding!

Today we....

  • created a Provisions List  for our Marquette and Joliet canoes
  • worked on Line Plots and analyzing data
  • met with our Book Clubs and worked on our Character Trees

Tonight at home...
  • math pp 747/8
  • read the poems on pages 704-706 and complete the Text to Text activities on page 707
  • read for pleasure and record on the log.  If you are not finished with your Book Club book, you should be working on it!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Time Changes Tuesday

Today we tackled time. We converted hours to minutes and weeks to days. We solved problems with elapsed time.  Now that we are confident about selecting the correct operation, these conversions are a bit easier.  Time travel was another theme of the day.  We began working on our Voyageurs Canoes.  We will fill these artistic models with artifacts from Marquette and Joliet's journey through the IL Territory.

This evening at home.....

  • look over your new vocabulary words in Journeys and read story 23: The Ever-living Tree.  It is a long one!
  • answer the Analyze Text questions. There are three of them. Make sure to restate the question within your answer.
  • complete pp 739/740 in My Math
  • help an adult with a household chore. No eye-rolling.
  • after reading, make sure to record on the back of your Gold Card.
  • make sure that you have your Book Club book at school tomorrow!

Please return the white Student Information sheet that was sent home on Friday. If needed, make any corrections.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Thinking About The Field Trip Thursday

Tomorrow we travel to the Museum of Science and Industry.  Yeah!   Chaperones should arrive by 8:30. We will board the buses at 8:45.  Students should bring a disposable bag lunch and a light snack.  We will eat at the museum.

We will take our Reading Test on Tuesday.
Report Card Conferences are on Monday. This is a non- attendance day for students.  Is that a real word, or a C.P.S. invention?

This evening at home...
  •  Read, in Journeys, The Role of the Constitution, found on page 670-674
  • Complete ONE of the following activities on page 675: Text to Text or Text to World.
  • My Math homework pp. 733-734

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Working Together Wednesday

Stay tuned for photos of today's amazing index towers. Groups were given 20 cards and 4 minutes to create the tallest free-standing tower possible.

This evening at home.....

  • complete the Word Cycle activity using your book club book
  • complete pages 719/20

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Fools!

Did we "getcha"today?  There were plenty of victims in 201, including me!  The "Listening/ Following Directions" Quiz was a pod-wide hoax. Yes, most of the children failed miserably.  It was their idea to write F on the paper and ask you to sign it.   No, this "score" will not go into the Gradebook.  Congratulations, Kelbe! She was the ONLY person in 201 to read all of the directions and pass the quiz.  We will definitely be reinforcing the need to read and follow directions! No hard feelings, I hope!

Did the kids tell you about the Great Gideon Switcheroo? Oooooooh! It was hilarious!  Ms. Madda better be on her toes next year.

Trying To Think Clearly About Conversions Tuesday

Today in 201 we spent a great deal of time going over last night's homework.  I hope that students are on the right track. Remember: first, choose your operation. Then, start using those strategies: make a list, chart, or model. Write and equation.  Think logically!

Today we also.....

  • Took a Listening Test. Please sign and return the test.
  • Began creating personal timelines.
  • Met with our new Book Club members. We worked on character trees.
  • Worked with units of standard capacity
  • Used E Sparks to work on our individualized math goals
  • Went to the Book Fair!  Our next visit will be on Tuesday, April 8th
Tonight at home...
  • ask your parents to help you fill in the dates on your timeline. Rough drafts are due tomorrow.
  • use your new Book Club book to complete the Episode Analysis Activity.
  • read your Book Club book for 25 minutes or more.
  • complete the My Math Homework pp. 713-714

Some students are receiving a special homework pass this evening. This can be redeemed for a night without homework.  It may not be used for....special projects, unfinished classwork, or nightly reading log reading.